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Hustle Advisory Canada 150 Remix (by Socalled)

by Geoff Berner

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Just in time for Canada Day, the Big Day when Canada celebrates 150 years of officially being a country called Canada, Geoff Berner drops a brand new single: Hustle Advisory Canada 150 Remix, by Socalled.

“This song is my Canada 150 song. It takes all my horror at the corporate racist colonialism, broken promises, the degradation of humanity and the land that Canada today represents, plus my own complicity in it, and puts it in one catchy, dancey pop song. Yeah!” says Berner.

Hustle Advisory is Berner’s 1st new music since the release of his album “We Are Going to Bremen To Be Musicians”, which garnered rave reviews and made the German Critics Circle Best-Of List for 2015.

The song was originally cut with producer Paul Rigby (Neko Case, Carolyn Mark) for the upcoming album “Canadiana Grotesquica”, to be released September 9 on the COAX label, at a release show as part of the Accordion Noir Festival at the Russian Hall in Vancouver, followed by Canadian national and European tours.

This single is a re-mixed version of the track on the upcoming album. The re-mix was done by Josh Dolgin, aka Socalled, a hit-making klezmer hip-hop artist who produced Berner’s previous 2 albums.

“Hustle Advisory” is a satirical romp, a funny, nasty little tune that advises in the refrain, “If you fuck with my hustle, I will get you if I can.” Socalled’s witty, tasty production makes the tune slip down easy, like a lysteria-tainted maple syrup freezey.

“Canadiana Grotesquica” will be part of a big year for Berner, because in addition to the new album, he’s putting out a new novel, entitled The Fiddler Is A Good Woman on Dundurn Press, of Toronto.

Release date is October 14. Sean Michaels, Giller Prize-winning author of Us Conductors, says it’s a great book. So it must be.

Each copy of “Fiddler” will come with a free download code, enabling the reader to access the full “Canadiana Grotesquica” album online.

“I’m hoping that this way, people who like my music will get into my writing, and vice versa,” says Berner.

“And if they don’t, fuck ‘em!”

Happy Canada 150 Day, Everyone.



When I was a much younger man,
I went to the university.
I tried super hard to understand,
Until I had a big epiphany.

I cried “None of you people can really be trusted,
“You’re not searching for enlightenment.
“All of you people are just running a hustle,
“To try to pay the rent.”

And then a genial professor of History
Took my arm and he took me aside,
He said “I guess you’ve seen through the mystery,
“You must be very clever,” he lied.

“But did it ever occur to you, son,
“In your search for the truth to be spilled,
“If I ever really thought that you could hurt this institution
I would pay someone to have you killed.”

Don’t you know it’s nothing personal,
You seem like a reasonable man,
But if you fuck with my hustle,
I will get you if I can.

I went out into the world to start perusing it
With my new hustle glasses on.
Suddenly, a whole lot of confusing shit
Had a clear explanation.

I saw a hustle there, a hustle here,
Everybody seemed to have at least one,
But I soon found that the people that you’ve really got to fear
Are the ones who don’t know they’ve a hustle going on.

Don’t you know it’s nothing personal,
You seem like a reasonable man,
But if you fuck with my hustle,
I will get you if I can.

And Jesus was a hustler
When he walked upon the water
And the money changers looked up at him
In his lonely wooden tower.

They said “When you went into that Temple, man,
“What the fuck were you thinking?
“Don’t you know that money-changing is the way we’re gonna build
The future for the children.”

But Jesus wasn’t listening,
As they worked themselves into a lather,
He was busy trying to run a telepathic hustle on his father,
Who said, “All men shall be hustlers,
“Until I tell you different, and

“Don’t you know it’s nothing personal,
“You seem like a reasonable man,
“But if you fuck with my hustle,
“I will get you if I can.”

Every now and then a leader comes along,
Promising a great big change,
He seems so optimistic, he can’t be wrong,
With his sunny, sunny ways.

But before you wish him “Good luck with your career!”
Please get him to explain
Exactly whose hustle shall be fucked with here,
And whose hustle shall remain unchanged.

Are you ready to fuck with the Great Hustling Powers?
Because that is the changing test,
And if so,
Maybe they are going to greet you with flowers,
But you better get yourself a little kevlar vest.

Don’t you know it’s nothing personal,
You seem like a reasonable man,
But if you fuck with my hustle,
I will get you if I can.


released July 1, 2017
Words and music by: Geoff Berner
Remix by: Socalled (Josh Dolgin)
Original track Producer: Paul Rigby



all rights reserved


Geoff Berner Vancouver, British Columbia

Singer / songwriter / accordionist / novelist Geoff Berner's music combines klezmer, punk, political satire and Balkan dance rhythms. He writes sharp, literate songs that make you want to weep, laugh, grind your teeth, or kick out a window - often all at the same time. Having built a cult following with his weirdly compelling stage presence, G.B. has a strange ability to create fun chaos. ... more


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